Monday, February 26, 2007

new blog

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy new YEAR!

Happy new year everyone!

Internet is not really up yet. Haiz... always cannot find this page, or that page. Download rate is becoming slower and slower... sianz...

Seriously, i still miss him. Sometimes... go plaza i reminds me of him. Work at bishan also i remember him. At home also reminds me of him. haiz...i lost my mood to write again...

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

messy christmas!

Long time no blog here le!

I still am missing him lots. Hoping one day he will return back to me. Because of him i am now only 42 kg. good way of losing weight huh.

I hopefully hope that the next wan, my next bf, hopefully will never be a guy like him. Else i will tends to take him as a replacement of him man. I really wished that shah had not appeared in my life. I never wanted a person back so much after a break. why is this happening now? haiz... can someone help me forget him totally!

To Be Continued...

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I was damm stupid to fall for a guy! OMG! Why did i fall for him without knowing it sia, when did it happened???

He left me, really left me for good. I deleted everything that involved him, i wanna forget him, but why is it so hard? Why can he changed his mind in only a few hours, and i took so long! I am damm useless sia. sighz. To be frank i really missed him lots. I miss the days we had fun! really... I really hope he can come back to me. haiz, that a dream onli. haha

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I hate U!

I hate everyone! i hate ppl who look down on me! I hate ppl who call me names! It's damm irrating la, gave them an angry look they also dun understand! What the fuck! They still think is very funny.

HOw i wish i am back in my Jcs and secondary days. Those are what i call friends. At least back then i can choose friends, i dun like that person i dun talk to her. Now leh, for the sake of money i will endure! I really hate my life now! I am so fake! I really dun like them, i still have to smile! I am really damm pissed off!

I really dun like singapore! Ppl here are so arghz...

To be Continued...

Monday, December 04, 2006

@ my cousin wedding!!!

At the wedding! Everyone so happy! haha...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wai.s Bdae

Wailing is in Malaysia!

I love where i stayed. Thou it is rally quite dirty at times. The toilets is dirty like years never wash liao. The lights are like so dim that i have to bath in the afternoon. The water that i bath with is rainwater, make my hair very the sticky ar. But that place of mine is really peaceful, what woke me up in the morning was the stupid rooster, not the noisy cars. Everywhere is my friends, cos the village is so small, you basicaly knows everyone.

That day i reached at 5 am in the morning. Talked to my aunt for a while, my cousins woke up at around 6 plus, then we walk all the way to the park and did some funny excerise. The park is at the other end of the village sia. Like from amk mrt to bishan mrt not very far la. The air is so damm cold. The air is so fresh! At the park, after their morning excerise, everyone was like gathering around me, some said, so tall liao ar, so pretty liao ar. Everyone was like talking and talking. Then we had our breakfast, wanton mee! We met my aunt friends, and his granddaughter call Lu Lu, cute name! Eat finish, we went IPOH. Bought a lot of stuff, the weather so damm hot in the noon. i really damm tired liao. reached back home at around 5 plus.

Next day, we went ipoh again. But that car jus wont start! So we went to my grandfather grave first.We had our breakfast with my grandfather.then we went back try to start the car again it just dun work.But still we need to get to ipoh!So we pushed the car together with my two neighbours.We pushed until the end of the village you know!Then finally can move liao. We travel all the way to IPoh, praying hard that i wont push the car again. But then the car spoil again after my aunt go see the doctor.End up push car again, this time we got help from an expert, no need push le! haha... We got wires connect the two car battery together, can start again liao!!! Then we went shopping, shop for my birthday cake... diaoz... Then went home.My cousins manage to borrow the naruto Cd from her grandparents oso, so i started watching also haha... At night they celebrate birthday with me!!! I got a small cute present from my cousins!The onli got 50 sens per day and they bought me a present which cost then one weeks allowance!!! which means 7 nasi lemak!that side nasi lemak cost 50 sen singapore is 190 cents!Really so happy to spend my birthday there!!!muhaha...

To Be Continued...