Saturday, March 18, 2006

Cockroach Vs WAILING!

OMG!!! Very happening today! There is a fight between me and my worst enemy! THE BIG BROWN COCKROACH!

Early in the morning at 12 o'clock, i woke up and step out of my room, the first thing i saw was a LONG SKINNY BROWN COCKROACH, standing in the middle of the kitchen looking at me! And, my sister had just left for work! Left me and the cockroach alone sia! I tried to ignore it, after an hour i came back, it was still standing in the mid of the kitchen, prepared for WW3! I had no choice, i need brush my teeth!!! or else very smelly la... So i jump jump jump, jump past the blind cockroach, i grab my toothbrush, in less than a minute time, my teeth is clean, but bloody, dunno why today will bleed... haha... hinting me there will be bloody scene tonight. Then i grab the insecticide, and started spraying on that stupid blind cockroach... It started running away, it hide into this stupid big hole, five mins later, i was sitting in the living room, just when i turn my head... guess what...

Cockroach A was runing across the kitchen at the other end, Cockroach B was running in the opposite direction also across the kitchen at the next end of the kitchen! I stun down there, that stupid cockroach brought a friend! But that cockroach, was dying, he cannot walk properly, it overturned, then i sprayed the insecticide on it for almost about 3 mins! spray until like no more le... hands pain pain... The cockroach friend ran toward the living room, i got a news paper and tried hitting it hard, in the end, it escaped into the living room!!! Seeing i was gg to be late, i rush my way other to work le... But this is not the end....

When i got back from work, Cockroach B the friend ar, was beside the switch when i on the lights! immediately i search for my good friend insecticide, and started spraying on him!it ran round the living room, in end it also overturned and died!

The result of the battle! K.O. wailing won, with an injured finger, and insecticide also finished! So i am still so powerful, he bodies of the cockrach, i waiting for my mother to collect... haha, i dun dare to touch it.. haha

To Be Continued...


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