Wednesday, April 05, 2006

55 yrs old

" I am 55- years old liao", this was wat and old man told me, not very confidently. Then, he kept repeating, I am 55 years old, I wan a ticket. Then, i asked him what show he wans to watch?

Then i asked for his IC, then, guess what i saw, he was born in 1952. the i think think, 6 minus four like 54 leh. Bluff me again!!! Then i told him he is actually 54 this year lor, then he told me he is 55 year old using chinese calendar. He still insist he is 55 years old, and getting like more fierce. So i called christina out, so scary. then christina tried to explained to him using chinese. Aiya, forgot mention he talk to me in chinese. Then he gave her a blank look. Then she started talking in english, he still said he is 55 years old. Finally, he understood le that he is NOT 55 years old. And gave me that kindof wans to kill me that face... haha... first time i catch senior citizens...haha

To Be Continured...


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