Monday, May 29, 2006


Really tired!!! Super tired.. lets start with sunday(28/5).

Earli in the morning went for Gv family day at yishun. I just hate the seats there cramp and hard. The show was nice, food were nice, but weather not nice, i had to be in the rain for half an hour when my mother fetched me back in a motorcycle. Bath, sleep awhile then went to work. Today finall EOS! haha, very long no EOS liao... Very long no floor liao, so i was very happy to be at floor. Then an hour later, i was told to swop wif agu, so sad... haha, haf to wash griller... i want to say, I HATE CANDY BAR!!! haiz... everything was in a mess... ended up we had to pop sweet popcorn n send in at the end of the day. Although really very tiring, but still got time to play... haha! Shah he put salt in my coke, then reciept, then rubberband, then nuts... arghz... lesson learnt today, never leave ur drink unattended...

Next day... Monday(29/5).
Earli in the morning driving lessons... revision lessons, everyting was smooth la... just that my eyes wants to drop liao... worked at 1230 candy bar mid shift. today, my brain cant work properly, dunno what the hell i need to do. Liani today last day, so sad... i haven take photo with her!!! But seriously, I DUN LIKE TRAM! but on the other hand, she really very poor thing. yesterday, seeing that she stayed back i gave up my dinner to her! my poor stomach no food again... my cheesy fries was like onli left a few after sharing with everyone... went home wif a poor stomach. Today, i went home at 1930, went home mummy not at home woke up at 1200 plus play maple, then i realise mummy also no buy food for me... hungry second day... played maple untl morning... then cant take it fall alseep liao... haha

To Be Continued...


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