Thursday, April 20, 2006


Early in the morning at 8 am, i went for my revision lessons for my driving... practically forgot everything! Then while i was waiting la... my aunty from KL called, thell me my aunty from IPOH kena stroke... i was like so shocked. But i havent woke up la, so no tone, also blur blur de... then i called my mother and told her...

At the end of the day, when my mother come home from work... she called back IPOH. The conclusion was, there is nothing wrong with my aunty. She herself said she got stroke. She still can walk to the car and go hospital. They said early in the morning, she fell in the toilet twice, the second time she hit her mouth and it start to bleed. Then she scared until very tense, cannot breathe and feel very weak. So she thought she got stroke.Later in the afternoon, a call came in and say she is alright, she is in the hospital talking and laughing, can walk can eat... haha, make us all panic for nth... But so happy that she is okie... hehe

To Be Continued...


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