Saturday, April 15, 2006

Story Time!

"Once there were two friends – A and B. A is quite handsome but B is quite chubby.

A always hurts B by saying he is fat. (Don’t know whether he said it intentionally or unintentionally). But, B doesn’t like A said like that. (In fact, no one likes people call them fat). Therefore, in order to respect his friend, one day, B told A never calls him fat again. But, this action had made A annoyed. And A starts to speak less with B. When B is trying to speak with A, A will say that he should not speak with B.

The moral of the story are:
1. If you have done something wrong to a person, you should not apologize, however you should angry with that person. (like a Chinese proverb “恶人先告状”)
2. If you don’t like some people doing/saying/speaking/craping something, you shouldn’t tell him directly/sincerely, even if he/she is your friend. On the contrary, you should keep/store/hide it in the deep place in your heart, at the same time, smile at him/her seem nothing happen.
3. “人善被人欺, 马善被人骑” - The fiercer always the more right. "


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