Monday, August 14, 2006


I am really tired!!! currently got two jobs... one in gv part time crew, another wan factory worker... from 8 to 5.15 is belong to factory de... after that 6 pm is gv de... everyone thinks i am siao liao... okire just a quick reflection of wat happened...

These few week of cos sure got quarrel wif shah la, cried a few times. I am realli so damm tired, realli need a break! i realised that so far he is the onli guy i loved the most!!! haha, he is so damm cute, and he got realli big attitude problem la, everyday wan to quarrel wif me de. I know he worried abt me, but no need suan me everytime right!!! haiz... i found that i had been quite mushy already!!! come to think of it now, my hair all wan stand le... i love a lot a lot! somehow he had become a part of me le, dunno what to do w/o him. no one will play with me and give me the attitude face liao. i realli hope to see him everyday! every hours, min and second!!! BUT hre comes the sad part, my mother still cant accept him! why??? she wasn't like that b4! she said shah is better den wq! now become worst than wq. why cant she give us the freedom! We are not her assetss... but den, i am realli tired, haf to please her, and shah... is damm hard to make both side happy w/o lying to one party. haiz. hopefully, i earn a lot money, and stuff them all to my mother mouth!!! den she wont grumble so much le... okie i m tired.. le continue i dunno when... haha

To B Continued...


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