Thursday, September 08, 2005


Haha... My father finally gave me allowance! since last year, he had stop giving me... but was 30 dollars for two weeks... he also returned me one fifth of the money he lends from me... total now got 230... and wth, just withdraw hundred today! later bank in 200 haha... so happy... thou is onli 30 dollars also very happy... i guess i will not spend it ba... must save it!!!

Today's wish, I wish my dad can quit gambling, then i no need give him allowance liao... haha... is he give me liao... then i no need work also... After seeing my dad like that, sometimes hor i think... maybe my family will be better off with my dad staying at home to teach us and play with us... like that no income, no a lot friends, means lesser money for him to gamble...

To Be Continued...


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