Saturday, August 19, 2006


Anyway those pictures are pictures my mother took when she went to new zealand... hehe... nice rite!

Today another boring day! suppose to be me and shah dating day, den he said got family meeting, den later he went to hospital again... see his kid? haha... no la, his injured cousin... hehe... my brother in law came my house, dun wan be light bulb at home so i left, and go library a while... today i learnt that the sun is closest to the earth on the 3rd of january and the earth path that revovles around the sun is not exactly circle, and the sun is not in the center... haha, then i fell asleep on the sofa, then suddenly there is this guy who suddenly sit so hardly on the chair and woke me up, so many place dun sit, sit beside me, and woke me up!!! haha, then i woke up continue reading, but then got no mood to read, that guy keep staring at me, i turn and look at him, he faster look back at his notes, then i turn back and read my book, he stared at me again!!! my pants never zip? no wat... hair standing? ya a bit, cos it is short! dunno what he is looking at, he looked at me for half an hour then i decided that it is so uncomfortable so i left... after i left he too also left! but dun care la... went to buy pizza... hungry sia, my sister gave me 10 bucks back... haha

bought 3 slice of pizza, one for me, one for sis, one for brother in law... but then after buying, my sis say brother in law left! haiz... so i went home with 3 slice of pizza and two ice cream, den sleep sleep sleep... not allowe to go out cos mummy at home ... sian... anyway happy birthday grace!!!

To Be continued...


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