Sunday, August 20, 2006


this picture he was being forced to take with me! muahaha...he looks tired dun he?anyway... didn't know my cam was so clear! haha... thought it was blur until cannot make it liao.

Anyway, today, GV grand family day! movie of the day is monster house. Stupid show la... i lied to my mother in order to go you know, i told her i was going to work, but end up watch show wif shah! actually felt a bit of gulity. haiz, i see him like that now i suddenly dun feel like calling him out le... i can see his is getting tired, very tired... i think i realli damm troublesome to him, maybe a burden to him sometimes... everytime made him wake up early jus to keep me accompany... haiz, but what to do i like his company. anyway after the show, we went on to watch click...

Click was a nice show! damm funny, thou i didn't really enjoy that show cos was thinking of something else. later pei him go cut his hair... then he say can onli send me halfway home so i let him go home instead, dun wan him to rush everywhere, is reali tiring to rush up and down, cos i always do that... chest will feel very tight and next u will find diffculties in breathing, stress??? i guess so. Anyway, just wondering why cant he spent one full day with me, i wanted it so badly today.haiz, he is just to busy for me ba...

maybe i should give him a one week break le... :(

To Be Continued...


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